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Silicon Valley meets Lovecraft in the tabletop game of smartphones and supernatural horror! I'm Dan Ackerman, and you might (or might not) know me from the past 15 years or so reviewing tech and games at CNET, or as the author of the critically acclaimed game history book 'The Tetris Effect,' or as a TV news talking head on everything from hacking to virtual reality. Techlandia is a modern dungeon crawl adventure, where 1-4 players attempt to infiltrate the high-tech corporate headquarters of the Techlandia corporation. The objective is to gain entry to the invite-only Techlandia TX-1 smartphone unveiling being held in a subterranean auditorium under the Silicon Valley headquarters of the secretive Techlandia corporation. "A fun mix of quirky social commentary and Lovecraftian horror!" - Gizmodo "One part tech conspiracy theory, one part Doctor Who episode." - Board Game Quest "I really liked the thematic, story-driven nature of this game." - Mark Streed, Dice Tower See videos, reviews and more at!